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Now it’s your turn to help me!

If I phrase it with an exclamation it seems exciting!

So our holiday party at work is Friday. Of course I want to bring something exciting and great, but I’m sort of lacking on the energy thing.

Also, I have a midwife appt at 1:30 that day, and am leaving town after that, so I will have to leave our party at 1:00. This means that whatever I bring has to be in a disposable container, and needs to have practically no clean-up, since I’ll be leaving that task to someone else. Also, we have only microwaves and fridges for food prep at work, and with so many people they’ll be full, I’m sure… so something that can be stored at room temperature is best.

My original thought had been to bring chicken BBQ, but it doesn’t fit those last requirements, so now I’m back to square one.

I want to bring something great! Memorable! Something that won’t be completely overlooked among the kazillions of other dishes. First and second year students, plus faculty and staff will all be there. That’s somewhere well over 150 people. Even if half of them bring a dish, that’s a LOT of food!

So do I make a big dish of something? Do I make individual somethings but just not worry about actually making 150 of them, because there will be far too much food to worry about feeding everyone? Or what?

Cookies? Cupcakes? Pudding-filled cupcakes? A main course dish? I just have no idea!!!



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