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Hungry freezer

I couldn’t quite decide if this should go here or on the pregnancy blog, but I decided that this blog is the more neglected of the two, and that while I was feeding my freezer because I’m about to have a baby, there might be more reasons to want to feed your freezer. That was a very long sentence.

This isn’t a recipe post, it’s just a random post of what I’ve been doing this week in the kitchen.

Thursday I did a huge $200 grocery trip to gather the supplies I needed. It seems like a lot, but I made a ton of food, so I actually think it was money well spent. As long as we actually eat the food and it doesn’t just turn into icy bags of freezer burned random food that never gets eaten.

In order to avoid the random chunks of ice-food in the bottom of the freezer I enlisted the help of several tools. First off, good freezer bags. Ziploc brand. None of the store brand “storage” bags- I’m talking about heavy duty Ziploc brand freezer bags.

Next, sharpies. Luckily I have acquired a ton of sharpies from my baby shower. Use the sharpies to label what the food is, how much it is (for sauces and broths, especially), and when it was made.

The third thing isn’t altogether necessary, but I have enjoyed it. Ziploc makes a cheap vacuum sealer. The sealer pump cost $3.99 and came with three quart-sized bags. Unfortunately the bags for it aren’t very cheap, so I used it sparingly, and for the items that I thought were most likely to suffer from serious freezer burn. They are resealable, so with things like muffins you can quick-freeze a bunch, then vacuum seal them, and then when you want one, just pull one out and re-vacuum the bag.

So here is what was cooked this week:

Thursday I made two large chicken pot pies and froze them uncooked.

I pulled out my trusty Cuisinart and chopped a bunch of onions and a bunch of red/green bell peppers. I set aside the correct amount for a couple of recipes I was going to work on, and then froze the rest in 1/2 cup servings.

I heated up some Morning Star Farms fake burger and added some onion, peppers, taco seasoning, taco sauce, and salsa. I separated this into two bags.

I made four small meatloaves- I think they’re going to be one serving each. I didn’t cook them, I just froze them uncooked in little disposable pans.

I made a bunch of my simple pasta sauce, and froze it in two-cup (if I recall correctly) servings.

Then there was chicken broth. Oh-so-much chicken broth. I had all the various odds and ends for it saved in the freezer already, so I just dumped it all into the crock pot with some water and cooked it on low for about 36 hours. I strained it, and it’s now a beautiful dark brown broth frozen in two cup servings. Bonus: if you save the pieces for it ahead of time, it’s free. I made 11 cups, total. For free.

Yesterday Charlotte and I made a huge batch of Dinosaur BBQ sauce.

We put a pork butt in the crock pot (didn’t even bother cleaning it well, since chicken broth certainly wasn’t going to hurt anything). I ended up overcooking it, so the BBQ is probably going to be better suited to sandwiches than just eating it off a plate.

We made a big batch of pizza won tons.

We made blueberry muffins that were whole wheat with a handful of flax, wheat germ, and wheat bran. And a crumble topping. Mmmmmm.

We were going to make more muffins, but Home Depot was out of the freezer we wanted, so we won’t have enough freezer space until they deliver it next weekend.

Charlotte also brought me a huge batch of lactation bars. They’re basically a cookie bar with lots and lots of oats (which is good for milk supply), peanut butter (protein), and some chocolate chips (yum factor).

Today Zach shredded the pork and I dumped a bunch of the BBQ sauce in it, and froze it in individual bags. Then I froze the leftover BBQ sauce separately.

In addition to all of that I also bought a couple packages of chicken breasts and a package of ham steaks.

Hopefully this will feed us for a while after the baby gets here! We also have promises of food from a few family members and friends.


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Green potatoes – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Okay, I’m sure nobody is going to run out to make this tonight, but I just realized I’d never mentioned this recipe, and today seemed like the appropriate day.

It’s not even a recipe so much.

When you make mashed potatoes (however you like to make mashed potatoes), also cook up some broccoli (you want it sort of overcooked and mushy) and mash it up with your potatoes. You want to try to avoid any large lumps of broccoli, so mash thoroughly. The potatoes will be green, but they’ll be way more healthful, and they’ll taste REALLY good if you add some cheese!

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