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Brown sugar

In the cookie recipe below I mentioned using white sugar and molasses in place of the brown sugar. I did so based on a blog entry that Char sent to me not too long ago. Brown sugar ends up pissing me off most of the time, because it gets too hard. I know of the various ways to keep that from happening, but it happens to me eventually, anyhow.

I actually didn’t follow her recipe and make brown sugar, instead I did it the way she says she usually does it- right in the recipe I’m making. I was just careful not to add too much molasses.

Brown sugar recipe.


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Welsh Rarebit

Growing up we used to buy Welsh Rarebit frequently. We bought the kind from the freezer section, and it was really good. But when I saw Pioneer Woman post a recipe for it the other day, I knew I had to try it. The freezer stuff is bound to be full of all sorts of gross stuff, and probably loaded with sodium. This was so easy to make, and probably cost about the same as the freezer stuff.

Pioneer Woman’s Welsh Rarebit

I used a pecan ale, and I don’t know if it was the type of beer or the amount, but I found it to be a little too beer-y. There was also a touch too much cayenne for me. Next time I’d cut back just slightly on those ingredients. But it was VERY yummy, either way.

Sorry about only posting links to other blogs, but hey, at least I’m doing the dirty work for you. I’m just glad I’m feeling up to cooking a bit.

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Yesterday morning I woke up and went to pop open the can of biscuits from the fridge. Only problem? There was no can of biscuits on the fridge. I swear I thought there was. So I googled and searched around for a quick one bowl biscuit recipe. These certainly aren’t the best biscuits ever, but they were definitely acceptable, and VERY easy.

Easy drop biscuits.

The only thing that I changed was that I incorporated half the butter into the dry ingredients while it was still cold, and worked it until I had pea size chunks. THEN I added the other half of the butter melted.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Earlier this week I had a sudden need to make chocolate chip cookies, but not a lot of energy. I googled “no mixer chocolate chip cookies” and went with the first results that popped up. They were certainly easy, and pretty tasty, too, though I cooked mine just a bit too long.

Here’s the recipe that I used.

The only thing I changed (other than cutting it all in half) is that I subbed white sugar for the brown sugar, and just added molasses (1ish tablespoon per cup of sugar that you want to be brown sugar).

Of course, I only ate two of them, and Zach only got one bite before Steven’s dog ate the rest of the batch. He’ll never live that down.

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Crisis situation

So, a couple months ago I wanted to make Char’s Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins (recipe is on this site, I’m far too lacking in the energy department to go find it for you, that’s what the search engine is for), but Harris Teeter was out of canned pumpkin. I was pretty sad, but luckily Char had some cans of pumpkin and she came to the rescue and gave me one.

I’ve looked a couple times since then and haven’t been able to find any canned pumpkin at Harris Teeter OR Food Lion. I made jokes about the great canned pumpkin shortage of 2009. But I honestly just assumed that they had failed to stock it for some random reason. It never crossed my mind that there was ACTUALLY a canned pumpkin shortage.

But then I was reading that “Our Best Bites” blog that I linked to in the previous post, and she mentioned an *actual* canned pumpkin shortage!

A quick google search later and I learned that it’s true, that there IS a canned pumpkin shortage.

I did notice while I was at the store today, that if you’re desperately in need of canned pumpkin that Harris Teeter has some in the canned veggie section down in the bottom corner with the yams and squash and such. It’s organic and costs about 3.50 per can, so I’m just hoping that the Libby’s shortage is almost over (which they say it is).

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Just links to other blogs

Sorry guys, I thought I’d be back by now. Everyone tells me how *great* the second trimester is. But I’m still feeling queasy and gross, and I’m lucky to manage to heat a can of Spaghetti Os.

I just found this website, thanks to a link my cousin Alex shared in my Google Reader.

Our Best Bites. The most recent recipes/ideas are for halloween food, and Halloween food is SO. MUCH. FUN. They have some really cute ideas that I might try out if I can ever walk into the kitchen without gagging.

The recipe that Alex linked to was for Pies in a Jar. This is just so adorable, and I really really want to feel well enough to try it out.


I actually did have a recipe to post, but then I forgot what it was. So along with feeling sick, pregnancy brain has already kicked in. I’ll have to see if Zach remembers what it was.

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