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Currently bastardizing bbq sauce in a way that would annoy both eastern and western NC folks.


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Hello, is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me.

Uhhh.  So I haven’t updated this blog in like three years.  Woops.  Hard to find time to do a lot of cooking right now.  But I’ve been playing with new recipes more as I tried to lose the last of the baby weight (calling it baby weight makes it sound more acceptable… really it was EAT ALL THE JUNK FOOD BECAUSE I WAS BREASTFEEDING AND THE INTERWEBZ SAID I COULD weight).  And I succeeded.  So perhaps I should share some of these recipes.  And who are we kidding, I should also share recipes for eating all teh junk.


But also?  In the last few years a beautiful website called Pinterest has arrived on the scene.


I created a board for all the pins I have tried, along with notes on many of the pins with my level of success.  It’s not all food, but a lot of it is.


There are already plenty of website that test Pins.  So I’m not shifting my focus to that.  But there will probably be more pin testing, since that is where I get the majority of my new recipes these days.  But I’ve also been making a lot of soup.  And lots of interesting lunch combos, since I need lunches that I can bring for a whole week, and reheat using only a microwave and toaster.  I’m hoping to be back soon.   But first I need to re-make some of the recipes I have in mind so that I can snap photos.  Bonus?  In the last few years I’ve gotten a fancier camera.


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