My freezer was hungry

My freezer was so hungry! I mean, it’s full of breast milk. But it’s seven months old so it’s totally ready for solids. It sits all by itself and everything.

So I decided to feed it. Nom nom nom.

Here’s what I fed it this time:

24 turkey meatballs

5 turkey burgers

5 beef burgers

2 chicken pot pies (8 servings)

1 quiche (4 servings)

4 servings of white chili

8 servings of fake taco meat mix

honey baked lentils

2+ servings of balsamic mustard dump chicken

2+ servings of honey seseme dump chicken

2 pans of lactation bars

Plus I made 7 servings of chicken bbq – but we ate that already

I haven’t tried most of the recipes before, so I feel wary of putting them up yet. But as we eat things I’ll post the recipes and link to them here. If you want a recipe for something in particular just email me and I’ll send it your way.

My freezer is full now. It still has room for more breast milk, though.


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