Dangerous brownies

I think I’ve had three of these already, and one of those was large. And I think I’m about to go back for another. They’re good.

They’re not disgustingly sweet, but they’re VERY chocolaty, and perfectly fudgy.

They only use one bowl. And you don’t need a mixer, just a wooden spoon or a spatula.

Here’s the link to the recipe

I changed just a couple of minor things. I used about 1/4 a cup of dark brown sugar instead of 1/4 of white sugar. I used half dark chocolate cocoa powder and half regular.

She mentions that you can use the microwave in the first part, instead of the pot of simmering water, and that’s what I did. It worked fine.

She’s right that they do take longer than advertised to bake. I was getting worried that they’d never get done, but they did.

I must go eat another.


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  1. steven rash said

    holy crap those look good. i’ve been thinking all day “man, i want brownies.” not sure if you’ve been facebooking about it or its on an away message of yours somewhere- or maybe we’re just on the same snowy day want brownies wavelength- but i’ve been craving brownies all day. and i have everything i need to make those except the cocoa. and i’m not about to venture out to ingles right now. so- box brownies it is 🙂

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