White chicken enchiladas

This is yet another link to someone else’s blog, but there are just so many great bloggers out there making great food! And, of course, The Pioneer Woman is one of my very favorites.

I had a slumber party with Charlotte and Qais the other night, and we decided to make her white chicken enchiladas for dinner. They were so good that I went home and made them the next night for Zach and me.

The Pioneer Woman’s White Chicken Enchiladas

When Char and I made them we used cream cheese in the inside instead of heavy cream, because her heavy cream had gone bad. When I made them I used the heavy cream. I couldn’t really tell a difference.

We used flour tortillas (fajita sized) both times, as well as the Sargento artisan blend mexican cheese (which has quite a kick too it, and made the dish a bit spicy).

We also used chicken breasts instead of a whole fryer chicken. But you could use a fryer chicken and then use the bones for chicken broth.

Zach and I have been gobbling this recipe up for the past couple of days. We’ve paired it with a salad to balance out the amount of cheese and cream in these.


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