Welsh Rarebit

Growing up we used to buy Welsh Rarebit frequently. We bought the kind from the freezer section, and it was really good. But when I saw Pioneer Woman post a recipe for it the other day, I knew I had to try it. The freezer stuff is bound to be full of all sorts of gross stuff, and probably loaded with sodium. This was so easy to make, and probably cost about the same as the freezer stuff.

Pioneer Woman’s Welsh Rarebit

I used a pecan ale, and I don’t know if it was the type of beer or the amount, but I found it to be a little too beer-y. There was also a touch too much cayenne for me. Next time I’d cut back just slightly on those ingredients. But it was VERY yummy, either way.

Sorry about only posting links to other blogs, but hey, at least I’m doing the dirty work for you. I’m just glad I’m feeling up to cooking a bit.



  1. Bethany C said

    I’m here from the DDC 🙂

    That looks awesome, and I’ve never even heard of it! I grew up eating creamed beer on toast (similar concept, but with chipped Carl Buddig beef rather than cheese as the main ingredient), and I haven’t had that in a while due to the nasty nitrates/msg etc in the meat. But THIS looks wonderful.

    So you would recommend what sort of beer exactly? Would a lager be too light?

  2. rhiyaya said

    Hey there!

    I have a hard time picking beer out for food, so I usually just go with whatever is on hand. I wouldn’t do anything really dark…but I think most anything else would work. A lager would probably work okay… though something with a more distinct flavor might work better. I think an ale is probably best. But yeah, I wouldn’t go buy different beer for it.

    I used Sam Adam’s Irish Red the time I made cheese soup, and that seemed to work pretty well.

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