Crisis situation

So, a couple months ago I wanted to make Char’s Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins (recipe is on this site, I’m far too lacking in the energy department to go find it for you, that’s what the search engine is for), but Harris Teeter was out of canned pumpkin. I was pretty sad, but luckily Char had some cans of pumpkin and she came to the rescue and gave me one.

I’ve looked a couple times since then and haven’t been able to find any canned pumpkin at Harris Teeter OR Food Lion. I made jokes about the great canned pumpkin shortage of 2009. But I honestly just assumed that they had failed to stock it for some random reason. It never crossed my mind that there was ACTUALLY a canned pumpkin shortage.

But then I was reading that “Our Best Bites” blog that I linked to in the previous post, and she mentioned an *actual* canned pumpkin shortage!

A quick google search later and I learned that it’s true, that there IS a canned pumpkin shortage.

I did notice while I was at the store today, that if you’re desperately in need of canned pumpkin that Harris Teeter has some in the canned veggie section down in the bottom corner with the yams and squash and such. It’s organic and costs about 3.50 per can, so I’m just hoping that the Libby’s shortage is almost over (which they say it is).


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