Garlic Scapes

garlic scapes

This isn’t a recipe. This is me jumping on the garlic scape bandwagon. My guess would be that the current infatuation with them started with Dorie. Most infatuations in the food bloggersphere seem to start with Dorie. She posted a recipe for garlic scape pesto, and soon everyone was going to the farmer’s market in search of them.

I was no exception. Char and I went to the North Hills farmer’s market a couple of weeks ago, and I had hopes of finding garlic scapes. But I didn’t really think I would. Their season at the market is so short, and since they were currently showing up in markets all around New England, I figured I was too late for them in North Carolina. But at the first booth we came to, I saw a woman holding a curious green onion looking thing, and I said, “What are those?” “Garlic scapes” she replied, looking like she was about to explain what in the heck they were. I stopped her, “that’s just what I came here for!!!” She said they were the last two bunches of the season, and that there would be no more until next year. They were also the only two bunches I saw at the whole market (to be fair, it’s a small market).

Anyhow, garlic scapes are just the stem of a certain type of garlic. They have a very concentrated garlic flavor, and raw they have quite a bit of a bite to them. Since the ones I got were so late in the season they were tough, and definitely needed to be cooked. From what I’ve heard, the earlier ones are more tender and are great raw.

Here are a few more garlic scape posts from the past few weeks.

Not Without Salt’s garlic scape post

Foodie Reflections did garlic scape pesto on gnocchi

Amateur Gourmet did a post about them

Since I could only come up with two bunches of garlic scapes, I didn’t really think I had enough for pesto. So I added one bunch to the regular basil pesto I was making, and another bunch I diced up and threw in a pot of boiling water with some green beans.

I know it’s a bit cruel to tell you about these now that I possibly got the last garlic scapes for the year in the whole wide world. But… next year, right?

garlic scapes



  1. Lynda said

    Have you been to the “real” farmer’s market in Raleigh, because it’s pretty big and has lots of stuff you didn’t even know you wanted? I love to go there when I can.

  2. Janet said

    I just saw garlic scapes at a farmers market in Sewickley PA. Wish I had been looking more closely at the food blogs so I could have grabbed them.

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