Ricotta Pea Wontons with Lemon Butter Sage Sauce

Not such a pretty name for these guys, nothing with the word “pea” in it is ever going to sound pretty. But since peas are the main ingredient, I guess there is no way around it.

I starred a recipe similar to this in my Google Reader the other day, and decided to make them last night as a side dish. The original recipe didn’t call for any sauce in particular, and I thought a quick lemon butter sauce would work well.

This recipe made about 16 wontons, and they supposedly freeze well, just make sure to double bag them, and then bake straight from the freezer.

Ricotta Pea Wontons with Lemon Butter Sage Sauce

1 c. sweet peas, cooked, and mashed slightly
1/4 c. ricotta (I used part-skim ricotta)
1/4 c. parmesean and/or guyere (I used a microplane so my 1/4 c. was very fluffy and not packed in at all… use less if you’re packing it in more densly)
1 clove garlic, minced
1 serrano pepper, seeds and ribs removed (if you love heat, leave the seeds and ribs in, or use an extra pepper)
Dash of red pepper flakes
Salt to taste
Wonton wrappers (or eggroll wrappers cut in fourths)
Tbsp melted butter

Mix all of the ingredients except the wrappers and butter in a bowl. Lay out your wrappers and place a teaspoonfull of the mixture on each wrapper. Top with another wrapper and seal the edges with water, pressing down to make sure you’ve got them sealed. Brush the tops lightly with butter (I used Smart Balance light margarine with omega 3).

Cook at 450 for 7-10 minutes, or until golden brown and the edges are crispy. Drizzle with lemon butter sage sauce (recipe to follow).

ricotta pea egg rollsricotta pea egg rolls

Lemon Butter Sage Sauce

1/4 c. melted butter (I used the Smart Balance light margarine with omega 3)
Juice of 1/2 lemon
3-4 sage leaves (I used pineapple sage from my garden)
Dash of garlic powder

I don’t like big pieces of sage, so I muddled my sage in the lemon juice and let it sit for a while, and then poured the lemon juice into the butter while leaving the sage behind. Then I added the garlic.

You could also mince the sage and just mix all of the ingredients together.


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