THE dip

THE dip

Ahh, the dip. A party staple amongst my friends. I’m not sure exactly how it originated, JP and Breandan could probably fill us in on that. I’ve changed it a bit to suite my tastes, but it’s still close.

I’ve been waiting to post this recipe until I made it again and got a picture, but I made it for our beach trip last week and totally forgot to take a picture of it. And really, it’s pretty ugly looking, so a picture would probably deter you from making it. But this stuff is GREAT. I usually serve it with tortilla chips, but I have literally made a sandwich out of it!

Rhiannon’s version of THE dip

1 large can vegetarian baked beans
1/2 regular-sized jar salsa (maybe 4-6 ounces), I use mild, but use what you like
1/2 small block mozerella cheese, shredded
1/2 small block cheese of choice, shredded (I would use monterray jack here maybe)
1/2 small block other cheese of choice, shredded (cheddar is good)

Unlike most recipes, I have used bags of mixed cheeses to great success. If you’d rather do this, use about 1.5 cups of cheese.

Heat the beans and salsa on the stove until they are just starting to boil. Remove from heat and add the cheese a handful at a time, stirring after each addition. Supposedly stirring in a figure 8 fasion helps.

This will be liquidy to start with, though it will thicken up. It’s yummy either way!



  1. The original recipe:

    Derricks’ Dip
    1/2 block cheddar
    1/2 block colby jack
    1/2 block mozzarella
    1 jar salsa

    Chop cheese into bits. Mix well with salsa. Nuke. Stir. Nuke.

    • rhiyaya said

      So when did the baked beans get added in? I know I’ve heard the story before, but I can’t remember.

      • I think the beans were added while I was away in the summer of 2001. That fall, JP made the dip at a party, and it had beans in it. I can only assume.

  2. JP Ammons said

    The beans were added to give texture and something more than just cheese. If you haven’t just had a can of warm bushes baked beans and salted potato chips you’re missing out on a wonderful combination of sweet and salt.
    The altered combination happened before 2001, in fact both dips were made and the bean dip won over the cheese dip in popularity, and from then on it was just called “the dip” probably the best part of this party food is that it changes constantly with whatever cheese you may have in your fridge at the time.

  3. nell said

    And for an interesting twist, try cooking some bourbon into it. Mmmmmm…

  4. Steven said

    you should totally make some of the dip for L’s partay

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