Cinnamon Rolls

If you’ve been around Charlotte, my sister, or me recently you’ve probably heard mention of Pioneer Woman. Her blog is an awesome mix of cooking, photography, life on a ranch, and other random musings. Of course, her recipes (and by extension her photography) are what are important here.

So here is yet another PW recipe. Truth be told, I haven’t actually made this one, but I have eaten it, so I think that counts. Charlotte made these cinnamon rolls for a brunch we had, and they were so so very amazingly great. However, they’ll kill you dead with sweetness. And this recipes makes a TON. Like, 5 pans or something? Charlotte sent us home with one pan and it took me weeks to eat them because I could only eat half a roll at a time. I think she froze some pans, too.

Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls


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