Bowers family pimento cheese

If you are part of my family you almost certainly had the pimento cheese recipe memorized in the womb, and probably had to take an exit exam.

But for the rest of you, I’d like to tell you about this pimento cheese. It’s great, wonderful, and so very simple.

Bowers Pimento Cheese

1 stick sharp Cracker Barrel brand cheddar cheese
1 stick extra-sharp Cracker Barrel brand cheddar cheese
Mayo (I like the olive oil kind)
Miracle whip (I use light)
1 4oz jar of diced pimentos, seeds removed if there are seeds. I like Dromedary brand the best.

Grate the cheeses, add the pimentos (including juice), and start adding mayo and miracle whip until you get a loose spreadable consistancy. Once it has been in the fridge for a while it will stiffen up, and you may have to add a bit more mayo/miracle whip.

Please, whatever else you do to this recipe, do not start out with pre-grated bags of cheese! Use Crackle Barrel, or at the very least, use a good brand!

Zach’s mom makes a killer pimento cheese that is different than this, but is really good, too. Maybe I’ll see if she minds if I post it here.


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