Aquatic cupcakes

This post is going to bring together my last three posts. yellow cupcakes, Swiss buttercream, and marshmallow fondant.

My mom loves the ocean, so I wanted to make her cupcakes for her birthday with an ocean theme.

First, I made the fondant, dyed many different colors, while I was still in Raleigh. Then Zach, Maya, the fondant, the rest of the ingredients, and I all went to New Bern where I made the yellow cupcakes and Swiss buttercream.

I used gel food colors to color half the icing a deep blue, and the other half a deep ocean green.

I took the cupcakes and iced them with the buttercream. Then I rolled the fondant out thin, and used a tiny pairing knife to cut them into the shapes that I wanted.

I did make the mistake that I mentioned in the buttercream recipe of putting the icing in the fridge and then not waiting for it to come to room temperature and then whipping it again. So my icing looks a bit chunky. But it was still great.


Spotted fish




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