Heart Shaped Box

So, the other day on Cake Wrecks I saw a link to this cake on the Bakerella site.

I decided to make this for Zach’s mom’s birthday, which we were going to celebrate on Valentine’s day.

Don’t study Bakerella’s version too closely. Because it puts mine to shame. Hers looks so professional that it’s just crazy. Mine looks like it was made by somebody who has barely ever made a cake before. Of course, that is the case. I’ve also only used fondant once before, on my mom’s birthday cupcakes.

But anyhow, here was my attempt. I’m not going to post the whole recipe and instructions, you should just go check out Bakerella. The only thing I changed is that I made my cake and icing from scratch, and I used yellow cake, instead of red velvet.Click here for all of the pictures.

Finished product

Chocolates up close

Chocolates up close

Chocolates up close
Fondant edges

I should have made the cake a little shorter… I didn’t realize how much that recipe was going to rise. I made my own fondant, but it wasn’t sturdy enough, and I had trouble getting the sides to stay standing up. Mine also ended up a bit messy.

I did learn a couple of things, though:
If you’re going to use chocolate chips for dipping, use Ghirardelli chips. The Nestle crap was way too thick. But I melted my Ghiradelli and it was super smooth and liquidy. I took advantage of this and used my egg separator to dip the chocolates. It let the excess chocolate drain off easily.

So that was my experience making a cake that looked complicated. It turned out decently… as long as you don’t look at the one on Bakerella!


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