A cake by any other name….

Black and Tan cake. Tuxedo cake. Pseudo-eclair cake. This cake has a lot of names, and I can’t even think of some of them right now. But this cake by any name tastes as delicious! And on the decadent dessert scale, this one isn’t nearly as high in calories and fat. It does contain a fair amount of ingredients with aspartame, though, so beware.

Black and Tan Cake

1 (4 serving) pack sugar free white pudding (any flavor)
1 (4 serving) pack sugar free dark pudding mix (any flavor)
1 box low fat honey graham crackers
1 box chocolate graham crackers
2 cartons fat free cool whip
sugar free chocolate syrup (optional)

Make the white pudding mix according to package directions, and add container of coolwhip. Mix well. Layer light colored mixture and dark grahams until halfway up a large baking dish. Do the same with the dark pudding (adding chocolate syrup if you want) and light grahams. Let sit for at LEAST 10 hours (it is the best after a day or two)

There are seemingly endless possibilites with this cake. You can arrange the layers differently, and get a different look. You can change up the types of pudding as you like. My favorite is cheesecake pudding and devil’s food pudding. But you could do banana (though I don’t really see why anyone would do that). Whatever sounds good.

You can also put chocolate icing on top and make it an eclair cake.

Black and Tan Cake

Black and Tan Cake

Note: If you’re more worried about aspartame than calories and fat, then by all means, use the regular pudding. You could also try organic pudding, or make your own. Homemade whipped cream would probably work, also, but the cake wouldn’t hold up as well or as long.


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